NItrile Examination Gloves EN374 EN455 CE

Disposable nitrile chemo lab hospital medical grade food safe exam Sign For Safety Gloves EN374 EN455 CE

CE / FDA/ CUSTOM WHITE LIST/ EXPORT to all over the world.

Product Name:
Nitrile Hybrid Disposable glove
Key Specifications/Special Features:Medical Grade Blue Nitrile Examination Gloves
Size: 240mm
Packing: 100PCS/Box    10 Boxes/Carton

  • 100% latex free-made from durable ,puncture resistant, protein and powder free nitrile.
  • High elastic and super soft
  • Rolled rim to facilitate easy donning
  • Designed to give a natural rubber-like feeling
  • Textured in finger tips for enhanced grip in all situations
  • Food safe, medical examination
  • Protects against a wide variety of chemicals.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Product Name:Disposable Protective Nitrile Blended Hyrbid Glove
  • Function:Disposable, Personal Safety,Anti-slip,Warter proof,  
  • Material: NItrile 
  • Model Number: SFS-NRL-01
  • Feature:Comfortable Safety
  • Application range: Protects against a wide variety of bacteria ,anti-acid,anti-alkali,anti-oil
  • Supply Ability: 50000+++ boxes Each Week 
  • Usage:Single-use, Ambidextrous,Food safe, medical examination
  • Packing:100pcs/box, 10000pcs/carton ;
  • Packing size:Boxe size:12x24x6.5cm; carton size:26X24X31cm
  • Place of Origin: INDIA  
  • Certificate:  FDA,CE, MDD, Custom white list, EN374, EN455


  • Advantage:High elastic and super soft; Rolled rim to facilitate easy donning; Designed to give a natural feeling;Textured in finger tips for enhanced grip in all situations ,Nitrile glove is the latest generation of gloves; it's made of synthetic nitrile rubber. Comparing with latex gloves, it has exceeding feature of puncture-resistance, anti-bacteria's penetration, chemical-proof and long duration, providing better protection for users. Currently, the nitrile gloves have been widely used in all major laboratories, research agents, hospitals, clinics, sanitariums and medical institutions, and gained high praises by users.
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